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The value of psychotherapy
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The value of psychotherapy
Psychotherapy, whether it be for the individual, the couple, or the family can be an invaluable experience. Psychotherapy can mean coming to a better understanding of yourself—becoming an expert on the self. It can mean understanding others around you and understanding your relationship with them.
There are a variety of reasons why people find therapy helpful. In addition to therapy's being instrumental in helping people confront depression, general anxieties, and drug and alcohol abuse, psychotherapy can also be a valuable tool in help
ing people through particularly stressful transition times.

Every person, every family undergoes life transitions. Some transitions are more stressful than others, and the intensity of the stress may depend on a confluence of events. For example, for some, the death or illness of a family member may be the stressor for which they seek help.

For others, it is a career change or a geographic move. Other transitions that may precipitate the need for therapy include the birth of a child, the dissolution of a marriage, or “simply” the youngest's leaving home. Such life events marshal changes in our lives and create a disequilibrium.

To learn skills to understand and hurdle the disequilibrium, psychotherapy can be of immense and lasting value.

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