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Kathleen Curzie Gajdos, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Chadds Ford, PA

Dr. Gajdos writes a column, Mind Matters, for the online Newspaper Chadds Ford Live:

Race or Caste? (not published May, 2021)

Vaccinated Yet? (April, 2021)

Meandering Thoughts through the Months (March, 2021)

Reframing 2020 (January, 2021)

The I, The We, and The Common Good (December, 2020)

Psychology in 2020 (November, 2020)

Covid and Kindness (October, 2020)

Tips To Sleep (August, 2020)

Hope in Covid Time (August, 2020)

A Diary in Covid Time (June, 2020)

Reframing Reality (May, 2020)

Reflections in the Time of Covid-19 (April, 2020)

Crisis As Opportunity (March, 2020)

Becoming Mindful: Thoughts Are Not Facts (February, 2020)

Grief Revisited (January, 2020)

2020 Vision (January, 2020)

Empathy: What Is It Anyway? (December, 2019)

Help with Holidays (November, 2019)

Recent Psychological Observations (October, 2019)

Teen Suicide Addressed (October, 2019)

Persistence, Messengers, and More (September, 2019)

Brexit and Us (July, 2019)

Do You Fear Others? (July, 2019)

Parenting and Beyond (June, 2019)

Aging When LGBT (June, 2019)

Panic—No More (May, 2019)

Humans Need Nature (May, 2019)

Who Will Inherit the Earth? (April, 2019)

Psychological Tidbits (April, 2019)

Measles and Madam Secretary (March, 2019)

Homesickness (March, 2019)

Timefulness (February, 2019)

The Past Is Present (February, 2019)

What Makes A Mensch? (January, 2019)

Modeling for the Future (January, 2019)

The Pain of Suicide (December, 2018)

How To Talk To Children About Difficult Topics (November, 2018)

Dum-Da-Dum-Dum (November, 2018)

A Psychologist’s Trauma (October, 2018)

Who Lies? (October, 2018)

Resilience Revisited (September, 2018)

Be Still, My Heart (September, 2018)

ACE and US (August, 2018)

Love, Conscience, and Sociopaths (August, 2018)

Recent Research in Psychology (July, 2018)

A Needed Neighborhood (July, 2018)

Yes, We Should Care! (June, 2018)

Change Reaction (May, 2018)

Give and Take (May, 2018)

Families of Origin, Then and Now (April, 2018)

Pollution: Air and Otherwise (March, 2018)

Grandparenting: Another View (March, 2018)

Helping Children Cope (February, 2018)

Why Hate? (February, 2018)

Gratitude and Pass It On (January, 2018)

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Revisited (January, 2018)

A Solstice Message (December, 2017)

Mothers Are Our Most Important Resource (December, 2017)

The Human Need for Nature (December, 2017)

The APA and the State of Our Nation (November, 2017)

Awake or Sleeping (October, 2017)

Tragedy Revisited (October, 2017)

Idealizing versus Reality (September, 2017)

The Eclipse and Evolution (August, 2017)

The Human Condition Connects Us (August, 2017)

Critical Thinking Meets Compassion (July, 2017)

Psychology Is Everywhere (June, 2017)

The Wisest Investment (June, 2017)

Write for Your Life (May, 2017)

Research Nuggets in Psychology (May, 2017)

Are You Thinking? (April, 2017)

From Cemetery to Science (April, 2017)

Creative Visualization, Forty Years Later (March, 2017)

Stress in America (March, 2017)

Moments That Transcend (February, 2017)

Pro-Life: What About It? (February, 2017)

Report from Washington (January, 2017)

Macro or Micro: Aggressions Are Real (January, 2017)

The Light and the Dark (December, 2016)

What Do You Choose? (December, 2016)

Thresholds: in between Past and Future (November, 2016)

Labor on Labor Day (September, 2016)

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections (August, 2016)

Misogynists and Demagogues (August, 2016)

Violence or Better Angels? (July, 2016)

Reflections and Memorials (July, 2016)

Our Shame Culture (June, 2016)

Neural Nuggets for Noshing (June, 2016)

Out of the Box Beach Reads (May, 2016)

Bittersweet Memorial (May, 2016)

The Path to Healthy Boundaries (April, 2016)

Words Matter (April, 2016)

“Presence,” Part II (March, 2016)

“Presence,” Part I (March, 2016)

Family Mythology: Past to Present (February, 2016)

The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation (February, 2016)

Babies and Bullies (January, 2016)

Living with Bipolar Disorder (January, 2016)

Re-spect in the New Year? (December, 2015)

A Grandmother’s Prayer (December, 2015)

Fear: The Enemy of Fact: The Obscurer of Compassion (November, 2015)

Super Sad True Love Story Time (October, 2015)

Transitions (October, 2015)

Xenophobia and Us (September, 2015)

Back To School and Beyond (September, 2015)

Letter to First Time Fathers (August, 2015)

Words and the Family (August, 2015)

The APA and the Hoffman Report (July, 2015)

Go Out To See Inside Out (July, 2015)

In Change There Is Hope (June, 2015)

Gracias A La Vida: And So We Sing (June, 2015)

Bullying and Its Adverse Effects (May, 2015)

Parenting with Presence Makes for a Better Future (April, 2015)

Steel Magnolia? (April, 2015)

Recent Relevant Research in Psychology (March, 2015)

Being Mortal (March, 2015)

Time Spirals (February, 2015)

Meandering Mid-Winter Musings (February, 2015)

Reflections on the Civil Rights Movement (January, 2015)

It’s a New Year (January, 2015)

1914 to Now (December, 2014)

The Challenge, The Hope (December, 2014)

The Other Side of Celebrations (November, 2014)

Altruism versus Fear (November, 2014)

Calm versus Fear (October, 2014)

Mr. Rogers (October, 2014)

Domestic Violence Revisited (September, 2014)

Psychology Meets Climate Change (September, 2014)

Befriending Yourself (August, 2014)

The Effects of Childhood Adversity Are Prolonged (August, 2014)

A Psychologist’s Projections on Jamie Wyeth’s Art (July, 2014)

Beach Reading and Otherwise (July, 2014)

The Battering of Women (June, 2014)

Scapegoating: Yet Another Defense (June, 2014)

The Denial Defense (May, 2014)

Mother’s Day Reflections (May, 2014)

The Common Good (April, 2014)

Out of Nowhere to Now Here? (April, 2014)

“Hold These Truths …” (March, 2014)

Why House of Cards? Why Now? (March, 2014)

The Brainstorm of Adolescence (February, 2014)

From Snow to Self (February, 2014)

Kintsugi and Our Brokenness (January, 2014)

Reflections on Family As I Travel with Family (January, 2014)

What About Youth Violence? (December, 2013)

Psychological Research: Stigmas and Beyond (December, 2013)

It’s That Time of Year Again (December, 2013)

From Philly to the Philippines (November, 2013)

Challenging Our Perceptions (November, 2013)

Weddings Go Deep (October, 2013)

Just One Thing ... (October, 2013)

Interbeing (September, 2013)

The I and the We (September, 2013)

Re-Creation vs. Recreation (August, 2013)

From Family Therapy to Epigenetics (August, 2013)

Remember Rumpelstiltskin? (July, 2013)

Sexual Abuse Facts to Face the Myths (July, 2013)

Self Care (June, 2013)

More Gleanings from Psychological Research (June, 2013)

Time, Time, Time (May, 2013)

Gleanings from Psychological Research (May, 2013)

April Can Be the Cruelest Month (April, 2013)

True Refuge (April, 2013)

Karma and Psychology (March, 2013)

The Hidden Hunger in America (March, 2013)

Be Direct and Celebrate the “No” (February, 2013)

The Things We Cannot Change (February, 2013)

Introverts and Extroverts (January, 2013)

End of the World As We Know It? (January, 2013)

In the Aftermath of National Tragedy (December, 2012)

The Paradox of Choice (December, 2012)

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream (November, 2012)

Storms In and Out (November, 2012)

What Neuroscience Teaches Us About Sex (October, 2012)

Why We Cry (October, 2012)

Fathers, Sons, and the “Feminine” (September, 2012)

Hope Springs? (September, 2012)

Thoughts While Attending Birmingham Meeting Chicken Barbeque (August, 2012)

Parenting, Caregiving, and Creativity: Beach Reading Anyone? (August, 2012)

Reining in Reactivity or Letting Reactivity Reign Us (July, 2012)

More to Heat and Pollution Than Meets the Eye (It May Be Your Brain That Gets Walloped) (July, 2012)

Griefs of Birthing Have Profound Effects (June, 2012)

An Interview with Eva Gabrielsson (June, 2012)

Reflect More, Judge Less (June, 2012)

Common Sense May Need Some Redirection (May, 2012)

Reflections on a Southeast Asian Journey (May, 2012)

The Underlying Bias of Our Perceptions (April, 2012)

Transient Global Amnesia and Emotional Stress (March, 2012)

Unkempt Hair, the Oscars, Makeup, and the Self (March, 2012)

The Psychology of Prejudice, Near and Far (February, 2012)

Our “Lot in Life” Reframed (February, 2012)

Strategies for Power: Brain Power, That Is (January, 2012)

Books for a New Year (January, 2012)

‘Tis the Season … for what, exactly? (December, 2011)

Our Pets, Ourselves (December, 2011)

Put Children First (November, 2011)

Bored—Nothing To Do (November, 2011)

Change or Change Back (October, 2011)

Bullies Are Made Not Born (October, 2011)

Taming the Tyrant Within (September, 2011)

Goodnight, Irene (September, 2011)

Yes, Adults Can Have ADHD (August, 2011)

Reflecting on SocIety (August, 2011)

Metro Meanderings To Meet the Dalai Lama (July, 2011)

Not Necessarily for the Beach Reading (July, 2011)

What Matters Most (June, 2011)

Ayn Rand, the I, the We, and a Stink Bug (June, 2011)

Couples Coping (May, 2011)

Mother’s Day Reflections (May, 2011)

Two Vignettes (April, 2011)

A Free Fall For April Fools (April, 2011)

Personal Responses To Disasters (March, 2011)

Ripples and Regrets (March, 2011)

A Psychologist Reads the Newspaper and Shakes Her Head (February, 2011)

Beyond True Grit We Shall Not Hate (February, 2011)

A Community of Kindness (January, 2011)

2011: Reflections Not Resolutions (January, 2011)

Stress Is a Family Matter (December, 2010)

Suicide Risk Factors (November, 2010)

Stieg Larsson’s Novels and Their Significance (November, 2010)

Strategies of Grief (October, 2010)

War and the Soul (October, 2010)

Not Much of a Revolution If We Ourselves Haven't Changed (September, 2010)

Cocoons and Kids: A Necessary Struggle (September, 2010)

Reflections on Psychology (August, 2010)

Questioning Judgment (August, 2010)

Positive Psychology? Get Real. (July, 2010)

Collision of Worlds (July, 2010)

Books for the Beach and Beyond (June, 2010)

Aesop's Fable and Beyond (June, 2010)

Silence, Sacred Space, and a Prayer for Boredom (May, 2010)

Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline (May, 2010)

Comparison Mind vs Compassionate Mind (April, 2010)

Opposite Sides of Our Connection (April, 2010)

Hugs and Health (March, 2010)

The Changing Brain (March, 2010)

Diary of Snow (February, 2010)

Systemic Dysfunction, Families and Otherwise (February, 2010)

The Loving Connection (January, 2010)

Hope for 2010 (January, 2010)

Bitter Sweet Beauty (December, 2009)

A Travesty To Teens (December, 2009)

Care in the Workplace (November, 2009)

Pets to People (November, 2009)

Opposites Attract (October, 2009)

Aging's Beauty (October, 2009)

Warsaw, Cataracts, and Otherwise (September, 2009)

Life to Death to Life Again (September, 2009)

Prejudices, Past and Present (August, 2009)

Depression in Children (August, 2009)

When To Be Brave (July, 2009)

On Mind Muddling (July, 2009)

Transitions (June, 2009)

Empathy (June, 2009)

The Continuum of Grief (May, 2009)

Good Deeds (May, 2009)

Broadening Vision (April, 2009)

Dr. Gajdos’ monthly columns, Mind Matters, published in the Chadds Ford Post and Kennett Paper:

The Process of Living (January, 2009)

Holiday 2008 Reading Lists (December, 2008)

To the President-Elect (November, 2008)

The Psychology of Sound Bites (October, 2008)

Truth Trumps Denial Eventually (September, 2008)

Our Interconnectedness (August, 2008)

The Meaning of Family (July, 2008)

PTSD (June, 2008)

The Developing Brain (May, 2008)

Sexual Addiction (April, 2008)

Human Resilience (March, 2008)

Disenfranchised Grief (February, 2008)

A Berlin Christmas (January, 2008)

A Heartful Christmas (December, 2007)

Lost Boys (November, 2007)

Listen to be Heard (October, 2007)

The Lives of Others (September, 2007)

My Mother’s Memoirs (August, 2007)

“Minding the Gap” in Families (July, 2007)

Children Naturally (June, 2007)

Society’s Role in Mental Health (May, 2007)

Laughter and Hope (April, 2007)

Do Unto Others (March, 2007)

Insightful Reading (February, 2007)

New Year’s Reflections (January, 2007)

Holidays (December, 2006)

Dreams (November, 2006)

Guilt and Shame (October, 2006)

The Universality of Traumatic Grief (September, 2006)

Kindness (July, 2006)

Authority (June, 2006)

Criticality (May, 2006)

C R A S H (April, 2006)

Dolphins and Roses (March, 2006)

Patient Parenting (February, 2006)

After the Holidays (January, 2006)

Expressing Oneself (December, 2005)

Adulthood (November, 2005)

Katrina Trauma (October, 2005)

Mr. Rogers (September, 2005)

Adolescents (August, 2005)

Summertime (July, 2005)

Parenting (June, 2005)

Stress (May, 2005)

Family Dinners (April, 2005)




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